Master yourself and yoga teaching with Indian Yoga Master and well recognized Indian yoga school that is teaching actively since 2003 and has trained worldwide more than 600 teachers.

This is one of the best opportunities to learn yoga that is inspired by Indian wisdom along with Vedanta and Ayurveda with an Indian Master from the Himalayas, India at the city center of Bucharest from November 2020 onwards till January 2021.

Level 1 program is offered with Bindusar yoga Rishikesh, India for people who want to deepen their yoga practice, to understand the hidden meaning involved in their training or to initiate to the path of teaching to share something that benefitted them.

The course is authentic and scientifically refined with Bindusar Yoga to grow you as a healthy human and skilled yoga instructor, at the very same effect in healing your body and mind.

Who can take the course?

This 200 hours course is open for all who want to deepen their yoga practice by learning all the aspects of yoga, from anatomy and physiology, practice, breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques through the practice of yoga. The course is intensive in nature, and it is also dedicated to current teachers who want to broaden their knowledge.

Why is this course unique?

  1. Only course in Romania that is entirely taught by well known Indian teacher, who has the extensive experience of training in the west also and well known in Romania. Practice in your home with Indian authenticity.
  2. The courses and source materials are classical and authentic, supported to your understanding with correct examples.
  3. It connects the missing dots that you are wondering for a long time.
  4. Over 90 Teachers are trained in Romania so far, and currently, 20 are under training in Cluj. Clear your doubts easily through live talks with current trainees or with videos.
  5. It involves Ayurveda method of healing to yoga practice.
  6. Printed material is available in many languages including Romanian.
  7. Inner transformation is guaranteed.
  8. Pre-online learning to prepare begins from November 10, 2021.

The course contents
BinduSar™ Yoga YTT Curriculum 200 hrs in short:

LOCATION: Karuna Studio, Bucharest

1.790 Euro (starting October 1st 2021)
Early bird: 1.650 Euro (until 30th September 2021)

If paid in Installments and registered before October 1st: 1.800 Euro

  1. October 15th – 450 Euro;
  2. November 30th – 450 Euro;
  3. December 20th – 450 Euro;
  4. January 28th – 450 Euro.

Contact Karuna Studio: (+4) 0744 904 575

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Practice Yoga in your home with Indian authenticity

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